The Fence Factor-you can look, but you can’t come in!

Sometimes, there’s a need for a high-security perimeter to keep intruders out and similarly keep people, animals or property safely inside.

Strength, high quality and durability are hallmarks of secure fencing solutions and Barrier Tech’s products tick all the boxes and more. A fence helps to increase security and improves the overall appearance of your property.

The leading manufacturer and installer of fencing in Zimbabwe, Barrier Tech started out in 2003 as a fence erecting company. Initially, it operated on a supply and install basis, sourcing materials from manufacturers. The company began manufacturing in 2006 with the acquisition of diamond mesh manufacturing machines and related equipment. In 2011 Barrier Tech expanded to the production of ‘Mhuka’ fence, also referred to as Square, Livestock or Field fence.

“This product has allowed the general population access to a very cheap and effective type of fencing which is easy to transport and erect in the rural areas as well as in game parks and sanctuaries with or without electric strands,” the company highlights.

The fence manufacturing company notes that as a result of its capabilities, they are ahead of the game in the fencing sector pointing out that, “we manufacture our own product, where possible, so durability and a strong product is what we aim for.

Quality and strength are often equated with steep pricing. However, Barrier Tech is very competitive in the market and aims to be the best priced fencing company.

Choosing the best fencing solution should not be a daunting task. Barrier Tech makes this undertaking easy by offering expert advisory services and pre-sale assessments. This ensures that the customer gets the right product in the first instance. Coupled with that, the enterprise offers after-sales service mentioning, “We like to maintain our product and advise on what will be next.”

Because of the sturdiness of their metal products, Barrier Tech only offers warranty on electrical products. The validity period of the warranty is six (6) months, albeit for factory faults only.

Apart from manufacturing and installation, Barrier Tech undertakes repairs as well as supplying accessories such as gate motors and infrared beams.

Product Range

  • Razor Wire- strong high security fencing for high security barriers and wall tops
  • Electric fencing- for high security barriers, borders and maximum-security areas
  • Diamond mesh- which is ideal for domestic and business properties
  • Barbed Wire- mostly used around paddocks, farm perimeters and as agricultural fencing
  • Field Fence, because of its strength it is used to secure poultry, livestock paddocks and for game fencing
  • High Strain Wire- high quality straining wire
  • Posts- strong quality steel for main fencing poles
  • Stays- for bracing fencing poles
  • Standards- intermediates between straining wire and fencing poles generally at four (4) to eight (8) metre intervals
  • Gates- various sizes and specifications
  • Accessories including gate motors and infrared beams


Despite being a ‘small’ company, Barrier Tech is proudly Zimbabwean and thrives to deliver excellence. The company has undertaken several large projects in Selous (substation fencing), Zimplats (perimeter, internal and substation fencing), Tongaat Hulett (perimeter fencing) plus the B.L Harbert Embassy (perimeter fencing). The company has been involved in supplying and installing fencing at several Children’s’ Homes for no cost.

Barrier Tech prides itself on being a market leader with a diverse range of products and installation capabilities. Going forward, the fencing solutions company anticipates improving and extending the range of services currently on offer.

Address: 46 Rhodesville Avenue, Highlands, Harare

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 08:00 – 17:00

Contact Phone: (024) 2 446348 / 446368 or 0774262645




Text by- Perry Kaande

Photos by Structure and Design






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