Troika Design Workshop (TDW) and Turnbury Property Developers, two leading firms in architectural design, engineering and construction held a tree planting exercise on Friday the 2nd of December at their newly developed, upmarket apartments in Meyrick Park, Harare. Several trees were planted on the day.

The occasion marked the National Tree Planting Day, which is commemorated every year on the first Saturday of December. This year it fell on the 3rd of December. The day is set aside to motivate the nation to plant and conserve trees, enlighten the nation on the importance of forest and woodland resources, enhance biodiversity and household food security and mitigate the impacts of climate change.

Present at the tree planting occasion were delegates from TDW and Turnbury, Forestry Commission, EMA, and the landowners. The event demonstrated TDW and Turnbury’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and to saving Zimbabwe’s natural resources.

“There is a lot of environmental destruction happening so we planted these trees as a symbol of reforestation. As a business we need to do more for the environment. We have to embrace responsible development. This is our first time to conduct this exercise and it’s the beginning of more to come,” said Simanga Madhlabuta, Director of Construction Services, TDW & Turnbury.

After cutting down 10 trees as part of the clearing of the site, TDW and Turnbury were inspired to do something special – to plant more than the number of trees that were destroyed. Planting of another batch of trees will take place next year at a community park near this new housing development.

“We planted over 60 trees. Some were planted on the park just outside the development. This park is being spruced up and refurbished by TDW & Turnbury as a way of giving back to the community. Lawn, trees, benches, solar lights and public Wi-Fi are being installed in the park in a bid to make it a modern oasis of relaxation, said Madhlabuta.

Also represented was the Forestry Commission, whose delighted Information & Communications Manager, Violet Makoto said: “We are happy to see corporates participating in the national tree planting day as the expansion of settlements has degraded forests. We need to do more about greening the environment. We need to see the sustainability element in housing development and other projects. We encourage other developers to follow this example.”

The owner of the land where the apartments are located, Mr Marongere, commented on the tree planting occasion, saying “It has been our dream to develop this place after buying the house in December 1983. When we decided to sell, we were not just looking for any partner but the right one. After many years of trying to find the right development partner, TDW and Turnbury came through.

“I am very happy about this place, to see these wonderful houses standing here as well as the trees we have planted. It would be great to see more being done by businesses to enhance our environment. More trees should be planted because trees are life. Let’s do more tree planting for Zimbabwe,” he said.

The leopard tree, which was selected for the occasion, is a semi-deciduous tree with similarities to a thorn tree though it doesn’t produce thorns. It has several advantages like defining any space and being easy to grow even in large pots, making it ideal for both big and small garden spaces.

Text – Martin Chemhere
Photos – Fotohaus

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