STORAGEMART is located in the new Pomona Industrial Park on the corner of Harare Drive and Alpes Road in Vainona. It’s a concept that’s new to Zimbabwe and it embodies the first, and so far the only, state of the art, high security, storage facility in the country. In fact it’s so technically advanced that it’s superior to many similar facilities in South Africa or indeed in Europe or America. It’s the culmination of lots of extensive research and a substantial cash investment by three local entrepreneurs. Storagemart has three storage options: there are 96 outside storage units, 25 high security vaults, and in addition 400 safety deposit lockers will soon be operational. Each option is suited to different security needs.

The outside units are available in two sizes – 3 x 6 metres and 3 x 8 metres. If you’re down-sizing these are great for storing personal possessions like furniture and other household goods. Storagemart even have a delivery truck so they can collect goods from clients’ homes, offering convenience and safe transport. The units are completely waterproof and safe from rodent damage. They are large enough to store a car or a boat if you’re planning to be away for a while. They’re also ideal for small business operators like plumbers or landscape gardeners to store materials and tools safely. The driveways are wide enough to allow easy access for vehicles. They have roller shutter doors specially supplied by South African firm Seranda, which are of the highest security rating.

Doors are secured by the clients’ choice of heavy duty padlocks and they are also alarmed and protected by CCTV cameras which are monitored 24 hours a day. Access to the facility is through a security gate which is monitored at all times. The gate will only allow a single vehicle in or out at one time, so there’s no chance of ‘tailgating’ or forced entry to the facility. Clients require a gate pass tag and a key for the alarm system to get into their units.

Inside the building are the high security vaults which are 3 x 6 metres with large walk in safe doors supplied by Assa Abloy. As a client you’ll receive the keys for your vault in a sealed container and even the staff at Storagemart doesn’t have copies of the keys, so it’s completely secure. This means the staff can’t make a duplicate key even if the client loses theirs. Access is by tag through the gate into the facility and then by biometric scanners into the vault area and finally by using the unique key. The entire vault section is monitored by highly trained security personnel through a series of CCTV cameras around the clock.

There are however no cameras inside the vaults so depositors can be assured of strict privacy. Only two people are allowed into the vault area at any time. Unlike the outside units vaults can only be accessed during normal office hours. These vaults are ideal for storing or archiving sensitive documents or other highly valuable possessions. Some of the vaults are used to house off site servers for sensitive computer information, and these are air conditioned to maintain a constant temperature. The vaults can be supplied with high speed fibre internet. The temperature controlled units are also ideal for storing valuable art works.

30 year experienced BK painters know that your reputation is on the wall. They truly understand that when it comes to painting, finish is everything. Great looking results are essential as they reflect on you and your professional reputation. With this in mind BK painters selected Dulux paints to deliver a perfect professional finish on all interior and exterior Storagemart walls.

The owners designed the whole complex themselves with careful attention to detail. Not only is the security set up world class, the public reception areas are designed in a sleek modern style so clients can feel comfortable and confident. It’s the softer side of the whole fortress like structure. There are two friendly and helpful members of staff – Reena Moore and Sandra John – who can advise clients about their services and help them fill out their contracts. The monthly rentals are surprisingly reasonable considering that you can have total peace of mind knowing that your valuable goods are safe or that important and often confidential information is secure. Contracts are highly flexible and can range from one month to permanent facilities. Storagemart is looking to the future too, with plans to open another four facilities in and around Harare, and possibly more in other centres.

Locally manufactured Tesa palisade fences and gates the mart at 2m high. Top notch palisade fencing is not an optional extra, but a great barrier that safeguards Storagemart.

Homestyle face bricks, though rugged and ruff, give a secure Alcatraz type of marvel to the impenetrable structure.

The difference between good and great is more than one degree, Homestyle Bricks’ pavers are a great cover for the entire perimeter.

Text by Michael Nott

Photos courtesy of StorageMart

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