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Scanlink (Pvt.) Ltd are the sole distributors of Scania products in Zimbabwe. The company offers vehicle sales and after sales support for Scania vehicles in the country. Scania also offer a wide range of generators TRUCKS Scania trucks are renowned for their reliability, great fuel economy and exceptional uptime. There are no exceptions when it comes to their long haulage range of vehicles, designed for the most demanding conditions.

Whether you choose their legendary Scania V8 or their renowned inline 6 cylinder engines, you can always rely on great performance and reliability. Their extended range provides you with options from the lower 250Hp engine escalating up to 620Hp. All engines are standardised on Euro 3 emission level, however, Scania can provide engines meeting the Euro 5 standard when required. Off-road Range The Scania Off-road trucks are made for rough and demanding environments, with the reliability that will take you wherever you need to go. With a higher chassis for improved ground clearance and Scania Opticruise with new Off-road Mode, this range is more robust than ever and full of new features to enhance the driving experience.

To optimise your up time they have many ways to support you and your operation:

  • Scania’s dealer network backed by Scania Assistance – expert standby just a phone call away.
  • Scania Field Workshops which cater for your maintenance needs, on-site and cutting repair time to a minimum.
  • All workshops are staffed by dedicated professionals and stocked with Genuine Scania parts Distribution Range If you are in the business of distribution, delivery and logistics, you demand continuous vehicle availability in order to serve your customers on time.

Your reputation and your profits depend on an unbroken supply chain. Scania trucks, with their robust chassis and powertrains, provide the productivity you need for today’s competitive environment. Every distribution vehicle from Scania is ready to be integrated with tailored services to keep your business in motion. Scania vehicles are renowned for excellent reliability, low fuel consumption and for consistently meeting and beating increasingly restrictive emission requirements.

Scania have boosted their engines’ environmental performance and added the option of renewable fuels, to address the special environment concerns of driving in urban areas. Their vehicles offer an outstanding total operating economy, independent of emission levels and/or fuel type. Chassis ready for work Scania’s chassis are adapted from factory for bodywork and auxiliary equipment, from pre-routed cable harnesses to a variety of pre-drilled whole patterns – improving quality and vehicle deliver time.

Long haul Range Scania trucks are renowned for their reliability, great fuel economy and exceptional uptime. There are no exceptions when it comes to long haulage range of vehicles, designed for the most demanding conditions. Choosing the right cab Scania designs cabs to offer every driver a more productive, stress free and safe working environment. This range gives you the ability to choose the most suitable cab for your operation.

Cabs consist of three different ranges, which are available in different heights and lengths: P-Series: Scania’s P-series cab is available in different heights and lengths:

  • The short and compact P-cab, CP14/CP16, allows full-length bodywork which maximises your loads. It is equipped with a fully adjustable air suspended driver’s seat, ensuring maximum comfort. • The P sleeper cab, CP19, has the same driver comfort as the short cab, but is equipped with a full-sized bed behind the driver’s seat. This cab provides extra space for storage and rest between shifts. G-Series: The G-Series cab is also available in different heights and lengths, making an excellent combination with their more powerful engines.
  • The shorter, CG14/CG16, version is ideal for demanding construction assignments and is well insulated to minimize noise.
  • The longer cab, CG19, allows for a more spacious sleeper version and provides a generous amount of storage space, giving you the option to specify two bunks. R-Series: The high-end luxurious R-cab provides you with the space and comfort which is needed for long haul. The cab has been designed to allow the ability to move freely between the driving and sleeping area whilst standing up-right. The R-cabs come standard with an upper and lower bed and has the largest storage compartments without their range


  • Reliability
  • Fuel-efficient
  • High performance
  • Maximum productivity
  • Minimum downtime
  • Excellent value for money.

Parts Scania genuine parts add value to your business by maximising your uptime. Their high quality is specifically engineered for ultimate performance endurance, fuel economy and safety. With product know-how, they can identify and organise the parts you require quickly and efficiently. The majority of their parts are kept in stock and are available over the counter.

If not, an advanced logistic network ensures that you don’t wait long for your part. Workshop Services Scania services help you to achieve the highest up time and productivity, ultimately expanding your business and keeping it moving forward. When you go to their workshops you can be assured that their professional service staff will provide you with the support and knowledge that your transport operation requires.

A Network When transporting in Zimbabwe, their workshops in Harare and Bulawayo, ensure that you are backed by the greatest service networks. In addition,the coverage stretches throughout Southern Africa. With more than 1000 service staff throughout the region, they certainly have lots of dedicated minds and hands at work. Certified Scania technicians will ensure your vehicle is back on the road within minimal time.

They do not only service your vehicle professionally on every occasion, they also advise you about preventive maintenance, maintenance intervals and associated parts. Breakdown Assistance Scania Assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – 365 days a year. This service is provided throughout Zimbabwe and Southern Africa for all valued Scania Customers. Well-equipped Scania service vans are ready to respond with any of their trained and certified Scania technicians. Whether you have a minor breakdown or unforeseen accidents, Breakdown Assistance is only a phone call away.

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