Reaching new heights Oxford Properties commissions Aspindale Park and Aspire Heights

The commissioning of Oxford Properties’ (OxProp) Aspindale Park and Aspire Heights development is a testimony of communities reaching new heights inspired by the country’s ‘smart city’ vision.

This modern, gated community is located at the Corner of Kambuzuma and High Glen Road, 10 kilometres from Harare’s hub.

The President of Zimbabwe, His Excellency Cde E. D. Mnangagwa, officially commissioned the development on 13 February 2023.

The head of state noted that collaboration between the Government and the private sector is critical in urban development.

“The successful completion of the project highlights the continued confidence which investors, including those involved in real estate development, have in the conducive operating environment being fostered by my Administration.

“It is also a demonstration that the provision of housing, modern commercial centres and the requisite ancillary infrastructure remains the collective responsibility of both Government and the private sector,” His Excellency highlighted.

He commended Oxford Properties for adding to Government efforts in providing diversified and state of the art housing options.

“The adoption by Oxford Properties of the holistic approach with regards the planning and design of the Aspire Heights Apartments is commendable” President Mnangagwa added.

His Excellency, encouraged other property developers, real estate investors and banks as well as corporates and insurance and provident funds to continue unlocking resources for the provision of modern infrastructure.

The President pressed the Minister of National Housing and Social Amenities, Honourable Daniel Garwe, to create synergies with Oxford Properties and other real estate investors to accelerate the construction of modern accommodation.

“I call upon stakeholders in the housing delivery and real estate sub-sector, together with the Ministry of National Housing and Social Amenities, to nurture a broader array of partnerships to deliver innovative, modern, low cost and affordable housing solutions,” President Mnangagwa said.

Honourable Garwe stated that 225 000 housing units would be built by 2025. He said that a pan-African bank, ‘Shelter Afrique’, has extended a USD25 million line of credit for the construction of flats countrywide.  So far, the pan-African financier has placed USD65 million into various local financial institutions for housing development. Shelter Afrique exclusively supports the development of the housing and real estate sector in Africa.

OxProp Operations Director, Mr Michael Swan revealed the development was always meant to be unique.

“As a development team, our vision was to create, from the beginning, a community like no other,” he indicated.

To achieve this, the developer focused on the lay out plans and designed a project that made the most of the available land.

The Aspindale Park development consists of 1200 residential stands, the Aspire Heights development of 152 high end residential apartments as well as a commercial centre. For Aspire Heights, OxProp diverged from the norm of developing laterally. Building vertically allowed for greater capacity and a greater number of units.

Mr Swan noted that OxProp worked closely with the town planning team from the City of Harare adding that roads, sewer and water lines were constructed to the highest possible standards.

The degree of environmental awareness is visible in the greening of the immediate surroundings. To make future residents comfortable and secure the property was fenced off.

As testament to the thirst for high end accommodation, the stands in Aspindale Park were sold out in 18 months.

The OxProp Operations Director highlighted that during the construction process the firm was “passionate about prioritising local suppliers and creating opportunities for local artisans to work and create an income stream”.

Development is now focused on Aspire Heights which is in its first phase. The development comprises of 152 modern apartments, “whose designs have been thought out down to the last detail”.

Each flat has a connection to LPG lines which feeds a gas water heater and stove. A constant water supply is ensured as well as back-up power. There is also a plug and play connection to high speed internet and DSTV as well as 24 hour security.

There is also space in Aspindale Park to construct another 1300 units which the property developer is keen to roll out and is excited to be having discussions with the Government to make it a reality.

The accommodations are complemented by a multi-purpose business complex anchored by TM Pick ‘n’ Pay. The commercial centre offers ancillary services such as office space and health facilities.

The developer is in the process of designing a state of the art school that will cater for both primary and secondary school learners.

Residents of Aspindale are assured of security of tenure as they have been awarded title deeds which in effect increase the property value.





Text by Perry Kaande

Photos by Fotohaus


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