Property Shop first opened in 2009 and quickly grew to become leaders in the very competitive Zimbabwean real estate business, focusing on a select up-market niche in the real estate sector. Over the years they have successfully established their well-deserved reputation for honesty, integrity and reliability. As a fully registered and tax compliant Real Estate Agency both buyers and sellers, locally and internationally, can be confident that Property Shop will provide a complete service with their integrated and dedicated personalised approach.

As a consequence of their continued growth and development they found that their well-known suite of offices in Sam Levy’s Village were no longer suitable for their needs. They also wanted to bring their parent companies, Ktulu Nominees and Sontine Travel, under one roof. On the 1st of April this year  relocated – fairly close by – to 8A Kingsmead Road in Borrowdale. If you’re coming from town along Borrowdale Road it’s the second road to the right after the traffic lights at the intersection with Whitwell Road. If you’re coming from the Village it’s the fourth road to your left. There’s a big billbord on Borrowdale Road to point the way!

Their new offices are situated in what was once a rather splendid and sprawling residential property which has been elegantly up dated and modernised. It’s set within a lush garden with manicured green lawns and mature palm trees. The gardens provide a tranquil and serene environment in contrast to the hustle and bustle of the Village. It’s a more focused working environment for the staff who are no longer tempted to pop down to the shops for a cup of coffee or a spot of shopping. It’s also great for clients – there’s safe and secure parking and it’s much more private.

The old homestead has recently been updated with a smart new Chromadek roof and new crisp white aluminium door and window frames which contrast well with the dark grey exterior paintwork. There’s a large square archway at the main entrance which gives the structure a modern and contemporary image. At the back there’s a big verandah with two seating areas for the staff to have a break outside or for informal meetings with clients, overlooking the pool and the lush green garden. There’s an existing slab set in the back garden which will soon have a gazebo set up on it for future functions and events.

Inside the offices have been recently renovated with new wood floors in the public spaces and white porcelain tiles in the office areas. The reception desk is quite generous and modern, constructed with plain white panels and teak counters. There are other built in cabinets which follow the same style and Property Shop has enhanced the theme with teak chairs and tables in the seating areas and tasteful decorative touches like lamps, pictures and ornaments. It creates a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere without being too fussy or cluttered. To the right of the reception is the

Managing Director’s office and along a short passageway there’s a kitchenette for the staff. Branching off there’s a chill out room for employees or for informal client meetings. There’s a storeroom and a server room, two private offices and an open plan office which accommodates the 12 sales consultants, as well as the boardroom.

All the ofices are light and bright with big windows overlooking the garden. To the left of the reception there’s a small informal lounge, Sontine Travel’s office and the two partners offices. The partners’ offices have doors opening out to the garden Property Shop continues to offer the same, if not better, services for the clients in their more relaxed, private and well-appointed new premises.

Their services still include:

Property Sales for residential, commercial and industrial properties as well as undeveloped commercial and residential stands. Market Appraisals for residential, commercial and industrial properties. Property Valuations supplied by their in-house experienced registered valuation experts.

Leasing Services whereby Property Shop will advertise the rental property, arrange viewings and negotiate contracts. Property Management which takes all the headaches out of renting out your property and helps to protect both the owners and the tenants.

For their clients’ convenience they’ve kept the same contact numbers and, of course, the same email address.

text by Michael Nott

photos by Structure and Design and Property Shop

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