Prime Bricks is situated at 40960 Mvuto Road, Old Tafara (behind MCH Fuels service station). Although a relatively young company (founded in June 2017) they have quickly become a leading player in the construction and civil engineering industries. The founder and managing director, Mr Gift Patsika, has a background in financial services, but says he has been passionate about architecture and construction from an early age. His passion was re-awakened when he built his own house and led him to establish Prime Bricks as a one-stop building materials supplier. Although their core business is the manufacturing of compressed concrete bricks they also produce and supply a number of other construction related items.

Mr Patsika points out that concrete bricks continue to cure and harden over the years which makes them more desirable, and more cost effective, than clay bricks which tend to get weaker and softer as the years go by. Any building project is a major investment so it’s best to make the smart choice from the beginning. Their bricks are packaged in 500 unit bundles, wrapped in plastic with tough plastic strapping, so they’re easier to transport and there’s no confusion about quantities. Prime Bricks has their own ‘grabber’ truck to make loading and off-loading quicker and simpler.

Customers can enjoy the convenience of bricks delivered to their building site efficiently and cheaply with minimal fuss. Transport is free within a 15km radius and very reasonable for further distances as it is all part of the deal. The old days of loading each brick by hand are now long gone. The capacity to supply bricks and building materials makes Prime Bricks especially attractive for home builders in the rapidly growing areas of Tafara, Mabvuku, Eastview and other developments in Harare East as far as Arcturus. Although they do supply to all areas across the City and around Zimbabwe.

For prospective home owners they manufacture face bricks, pavers in various sizes, designs and colours, curb stones in various sizes, and precast wall cladding slabs – colloquially known as Durawalls. Prime Bricks manufactures decorative and structural pillars in different designs and outdoor concrete sinks for the garden or the laundry – in fact just about anything a home builder needs. They also supply bagged cement from PPC and Lafarge – they’re a licensed Lafarge franchise holder so their prices are very competitive and they always have cement in stock from small to large quantities. They also supply pit sand and river sand, aggregates, Rhinoset and related products.

Do you need brickforce or DPC – Prime Bricks can supply that for you too! Prime Bricks is currently working on extending their timber section so soon that will become an extra dimension of their product range. If you have an idea of what you want to build Prime Bricks can help you realise your dreams. Prime Bricks will work together with architects and engineers to get your plans finalised and come up with a comprehensive Bill of Quantities so you know before you start what everything will cost.

They can even project manage your build for you and supervise sub- contractors like plumbers and electricians. It’s a great service for people in the diaspora wanting to build back home. In the Civil Engineering sector Prime Bricks manufactures pre-cast electricity transmission poles as well as curb stones, manhole ring sets, valve boxes, shelverts and culvert pipes all in various sizes. They are currently supplying culverts for the new Harare/Mutare highway Gift Patsika believes that the company needs to continually improve and grow to remain competitive and meet customers’ requirements.

To contact Prime Bricks: Landline: 0242 459 435 Mobile: 0774 044 433 / 0773000156 Email: Website:

text: Michael Nott photos: Structure and Design

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