The evolution of country-renowned outfit, Lighting World, has culminated in its grand rebrand to Prime World. Since Lighting World’s humble inception in 2011, it has provided lighting solutions to thousands of clients and has earned itself a household name.

The frst pioneering branch opened in the heart of Msasa. The day doors opened, clients from all around swarmed in to catch a glimpse of the unique, classy and premium lighting fxtures “the new shop in town” had on offer. The hospitable staff and wide variety of quality products has distinguished Lighting World from its peers. The success of the Msasa branch brought to fruition 2 more Lighting World branches in Avondale and Bulawayo.

To this day, Lighting World remains timeless, yet fresh and exciting, just as it did when it frst opened its doors a decade ago. The rebrand serves to encompass the most beloved aspects of Lighting World and showcase its expansion into new avenues. Prime World will be your first choice destination for making your house into a true home. The company motto is: “When Choice Matters.” This is unmistakable once you visit any of their three branches.

Lighting World has always been known as a lighting specialist. Now, Prime World will be ahead of the game through the offering of various other interior décor options, power, and tooling solutions, in addition to their signature lighting varieties.


Prime Solar – Solar & Electric:

Prime World includes a solar and electrical wing, Prime Solar, that offers reliable and renewable energy solutions. Services include the installations of solar systems by experienced staff as well as the undertaking and managing of various solar projects.

 Liege – Flooring, Carpets & Vinyl:

Liege is the in-house flooring brand within Prime World. Every house makes a statement with its floors. Whether you love to walk barefoot on soft luxurious carpets or prefer the easy to maintain but elegant vinyl floors, Liege will cater to your needs.

Smith’s – Furniture:

We believe that furniture gives a home its personality. The Smith’s furniture brand hosts a variety of storage cabinets, mirrors, and teak wood furniture.Furthermore, there are various sofas and lounge suites to put in any space you see ft.

Hilti – Tooling:

Prime World boasts the brand-new Hilti Zimbabwe shop, situated at the Msasa branch. Hilti is known for having some of the most reliable, premium, and durable power tools, undoubtedly world class. There is also a Hilti Service and Repair center. The helpful, outgoing

Hilti staff offer unmatched customer services – providing advice, consultations, site visits, tool demonstrations and training.Prime World is open every day of the week, Monday through Sunday. Visit our website and follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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text by Michael Nott

photos by Structure and Design

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