Lighting World opens their new Avondale showroom

LIGHTING WORLD opened their brand new showroom in Avondale in May this year, where the old Mugg and Bean used to be, and they are planning another new shop in Bulawayo later in the year. Their main branch, which opened in 2011, is situated along Mutare Road in Msasa. Lighting World is a locally grown company that offers the best selection of light fittings, table lamps, wall lamps and standard lamps, bulbs, switches, sockets and circuit breakers all under one roof. The outstanding success of their main branch has prompted them to continue growing and expanding to meet the increasing demand for the best lighting and lighting accessories for homes, offices, shops, and hotels and lodges – in fact anywhere where top quality lighting is required.

Around three years ago Lighting World spearheaded the campaign to stop the importation of the old incandescent light bulbs which are now banned in most parts of the world. Incandescent bulbs use much more electricity than the current CFL and LED bulbs and a lot of the energy that they use is wasted as it is transferred into heat rather than light. Lighting World has a ‘going green’ policy and has carefully selected their suppliers to ensure that they all conform to current world standards for low energy consumption and the restriction of hazardous materials used in the manufacturing process. In addition Lighting World is the agent for some solar powered lighting systems, in particular for solar powered street lights, flood lights and traffic lights.

They stock a unique all-in-one solar street light design with the solar panel, the battery and the light contained in a single casing, making them much less vulnerable to theft or vandalism. They’re ideal for street lighting, highway lighting or for lighting up driveways or parking areas. Because they have an enormous amount of stock in their showrooms, retail warehouse, and bonded warehouse they are able to offer customers the best selection at the most competitive prices. Lighting World offers convenience as customers no longer need to buy or order lighting from catalogues from South Africa or Europe, saving them time and money. In addition, Lighting World offers warranties for most of their products – a great advantage for customers.

Customers who have purchased their own light fittings and lighting accessories from outside the country are seldom able to claim back on defective products. Lighting World acts as distributors for a number of top quality lighting manufacturers from Europe and the Far East. They are the sole distributors for world-renowned companies Eglo Lighting, Luxram Lighting, Bree Lighting and Leadsun Lighting. They are also agents for other leading brands such as Schneider, and Legrand. So you’re guaranteed to find the widest selection of lighting options available in Zimbabwe. Drop into the new Avondale showroom to see all their light fittings set up in the shop. It’s much easier to visualise what your new lights will look like when you see them properly displayed and lit up. The shop is beautifully designed with dark walls and ceilings to make the light fittings stand out and display units to show off the fittings to their best advantage.

If you’re not sure exactly what you want, or what you need, their trained and friendly staff can give you helpful advice. And if you’re planning your new home Lighting World offers free consultations to get you started. They even recommend trusted electricians to help you install your new fittings and light switches. Of particular interest for home owners is their range of light fittings specially designed for children’s rooms, their range of ceiling fans and the under counter strip lights which are perfect for the kitchen to light up work surfaces or for use inside dark cabinets.

The Avondale branch has the advantage of being situated within the vibrant Avondale Shopping Centre so you can drop in when you’re doing your groceries or normal household shopping or visiting the adjacent flea market. The parking area is secure and there is a selection of coffee shops and restaurants within the centre so you can relax or meet up with friends after a hard day’s shopping!

The Avondale showroom is open: Monday – Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm and Saturdays 8:00am to 1:00pm

Contact: +263 8677 109 255


Web: Facebook: Lighting World

Text by Michael Nott

Photography by Michele Fortmann

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