1. Prospective member purchases a form.
  2. The applicant submits a duly completed form to ZBCA secretariat.
  3. On receipt of the completed form ZBCA Secretariat visits the applicant to assess company’s human capital and equipment resources.
  4. The duly completed membership application form and visit report are submitted to the ZBCA specialized committee called the Membership Committee for vetting and approval.
  5. The Membership Committee produces a report either approving or declining membership and submits such report to the National Executive Committee for final approval.
  6. Successful applicants are required to pay annual subscriptions, depending on their category after which they are issued with a membership confirmation letter. Annual subscriptions can be paid monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually by making arrangements with Secretariat.
  7. Any new member will be placed on probation for a period of one year and during the probationary period; the Member shall submit full written details, on the prescribed form, of all contracts entered into by the Member. This form shall be submitted by the Member to the Secretary within 14 (fourteen) days of signing the contract and this shall be used to monitor the Member’s progress during the probationary period.
  8. After the expiry of the Probationary period, the National Executive Committee shall, at its next meeting, receive a report from the Secretary on the Member who has been on probation. Such report, including the probationary member’s original application shall be considered by the National Executive Committee. The said Committee shall in a meeting and by voting, by means of a simple majority accept or reject confirmation of full membership of the applicant. If the applicant’s membership application is confirmed by the National Executive Committee, the probationary member shall be admitted as a full member forthwith.
  9. After admission to full membership, ZBCA Secretariat advises the member to approach the Ministry of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing for categorization.


The following documentation is required for registration as a member of ZBCA and must be attached to the application for CATEGORY OF MEMBERS – Contractors, Suppliers


  1. Registration, Identity and Recognition ZBCA contractors registered are able to tender for state, local government and parastatal tenders and to enjoy a 10% local preference over foreigners.
  2. Events and Networking ZBCA holds the annual general meeting of members; the annual conference open to the business community; the annual awards gala; monthly meetings that discuss topical issues; participates in for a organized by other stakeholders; plans and coordinates events and affords members opportunities to meet, network and share notes on goings in the construction industry. The networking function are organized at regional level in Harare, Bulawayo, Midlands, Masvingo and Manicaland. This is an opportunity to connect with fellow professionals, industry leaders and policy and decision makers.
  3. Lobbying, Advocacy and Representation Your voice matters when it comes to issues, regulations, legislation and statutes that affect your business. ZBCA represents members (Employers) at the National Employment Council for the Construction Industry in Zimbabwe, through participating in sector wages negotiations, regulation of industry wages and formulation of collective bargaining agreements for the construction industry. ZBCA represents members in engaging policy and decision makers, government officials, regulatory bodies and key stakeholders on matters ofconcern to your businesses.
  4. Education, Training and Capacity Building ZBCA assists members deliver quality services to their clients in a professional manner and to move ahead of the competition through building the capacity of members. This is achieved through holding of training workshops, seminars and conferences on issues suggested by embers themselves through the company visits undertaken periodically. The Association produces information guides on topical areas.
  5. Member Discounts ZBCA connects its members with manufacturers and service providers that support their businesses. The Association negotiates for discounts wit material suppliers. Members also enjoy discounted services from the Association.
  6. Business and Market Development ZBCA works with members, engineers, architects, quantity surveyors, reaI estate agents to produce tools, publications and promotional material that facilitate members to provide customers with a full and satisfactory service under the auspices of the Zimbabwe Construction Industry Council and National Joint Practice Commission.
  7. Categorization ZBCA represents member companies at the Ministry of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing during categorization meetings at the Ministry
  8. Communication, lnformation, Gathering, Packaging and Dissemination ZBCA provides members with the most up-to-date industry information, trends and market briefs by carrying out research and then packaging the information for dissemination to members through weekly bulletins, monthly newsletters, quarterly magazine, annual directory and the website. The Association monitors local and regional information sources for tender opportunities that are disseminated to members weekly.
  9. Library and Business Centre ZBCA runs a library and Business centre that is accessible to members for free and offers other discounted services to members.
  10. Publications ZBCA produces weekly bulletin and monthly newsletters, quarterly magazine; annual directory, member projects, book and CD at a discounted rate for members only. The association also produces a member projects book where member projects are showcased free of charge
  11. Tradeshow Marketing Facilitation ZBCA participates annually in selected local, regional and international trade fairs and facilitates its members to participate under its umbrella thereby managing participation costs.

12.Company Visits ZBCA proactively visits its members to learn their concerns for packaging and presentation to relevant bodies for resolution. During these visits the capacity of members is established and possible solutions brainstormed.

13.Construction Documentation Through the National Joint Practice Committee (NJPC), ZBCA participates in developing standard documents that are easy to understand and up-todate for use by building contractors.

  1. Diversification of Source Markets for Suppliers ZBCA trains members on how to use the Trade Map (an International Trade Center) market analysis tool useful for identifying new source and export markets for their businesses.

MEMBERSHIP OF OTHER ORGANISATION ZBCA is registered with the Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare as an employer body in the construction sector. The Association is a member of the Zimbabwe Construction Industry Council, Joint Industrial Council, Chamber of Mines, Employers’ Confederation of Zimbabwe and the Standards Association of Zimbabwe. The Association reports to the Ministry of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing and also sits on the Categorization Committee chaired by that Ministry.

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