Delivering happiness through the built environment

Flamboyant Projects is a wholly Zimbabwean contracting firm focusing on residential, commercial and industrial construction as well as block paving. It was founded in 2021 and since then it has provided full-service design and construction solutions in the built environment. Business development and marketing executive, Vimbai Mahwiridi indicates that Flamboyant Projects is on a mission to bring happiness in the industry.

“We are on a mission to seek and deliver happiness to you through your built environment. When you fall in love with your property and environment; when you admire the quality, elegant and classy finish on that task you entrust us with; when you smile, our happiness in turn abounds, and we have a community of smiles and happiness. That’s it; that’s what we are in pursuit of,” she reveals.

Vimbai opines that Flamboyant Projects “is an idea that we are driving and a mission to bring happiness to the Zimbabwean people through their built environment”. She adds that buildings and their surroundings shape our state of mind and physical well-being. She notes that the company’s designs and construction are tailored to suit client needs and specifications. They provide advice, support and innovation and are conscious of environmental issues, green design and sustainability as well as cost-effectiveness.

 Flamboyant Projects’ business is premised on functionality, aesthetics and quality plus durability. Aside from that, service is part of the experience and it must bring joy, happiness and peace, hence the tagline ‘Building happiness, for Posterity’. The business development and marketing executive points out that the company considers its clients as partners.

“Building is a massive financial, mental and emotional undertaking and can be very intimidating and stressful. That is why our approach is deliberately designed to provide our clients with proper guidance so that they can make informed decisions and the process of building their structures is less daunting.

“We hold their hands throughout the process, providing information, guidance and feedback along the way. We try our level best to pay attention to our client’s dreams and find the best and cost-effective ways to actualise those dreams,” she says.

The firm is contributing to the Sustainable Development Goal 9 (SDG9) on industry, innovation and infrastructure and the Africa Agenda 2063. Through driving infrastructure that is in harmony with nature and is conducive to human wellness by advancing greener environments and a green economy they are in line SDG 13. Flamboyant Projects is cognisant of The African Union Agenda 2063 which addresses the right to development and the African renaissance.

Vimbai says infrastructure is a key element in the advancement of the quality of life. She adds that despite ones status in society, people should be adequately and cost effectively housed. “For people to live well and happy, they need infrastructure: housing, roads, buildings for commerce and trade, and social amenities. This is where we are meeting the human need for better livelihood and better quality of life.

“From the street vendor, the corporate chief executive to the large business enterprise, all can live the flamboyant lifestyle. We love serving the affluent, the high-end stuff and all its trimmings, but that is not what we identify as the ‘flamboyant lifestyle’ or what we are here solely for. We want everyone to live the flamboyant lifestyle, a happy lifestyle, and it does not have to be expensive,” Vimbai states.

Flamboyant Projects is staffed by a multi-disciplinary team of vibrant young professionals. Known as the ‘Happiness Team’, it comprises civil and design engineers, quantify surveyors and project managers and compliance specialists. Managing director Musa Kika notes that going forward Flamboyant Projects is going to be the company of choice in the built environment arena.

“For us, the future of Flamboyant Projects is bright. Judging on the journey we have traversed thus far, the projects we have managed and the broader industry and market outlook for construction in Zimbabwe and the rest of Africa, the future can only be bright. In the next few years, Flamboyant Projects is not a name one would afford to ignore in the construction industry in Zimbabwe,” he challenges.

Since inception Flamboyant has conducted projects for clients in Harare, Bulawayo and Kadoma, Gweru and Nyabira. The company has served residential, commercial and industrial clients including farms. The scope of the work has ranged from erecting structures, renovations and block paving to landscaping.

Zimbabwe and Africa at large have a significant infrastructure deficit. Also, existing infrastructure can barely cope with the growing population and demands of today’s economy. Concurrently, existing infrastructure is ageing, while the bulk of current construction is mostly residential.

“With this backdrop, our view is that opportunities for infrastructure development in Zimbabwe are vast and boundless. Already, a slow infrastructure renewal process has started in Zimbabwe with modern infrastructure sprouting in different parts of the country’s highways, neighbourhoods and commercial centres. Flamboyant Projects will be an important player in this process and will leave its mark,” the managing director observes.

Address: 197 Second Street Extension, Mount Pleasant, Harare

Contact Numbers: +263 242 304597/ +263 775 369471/ +263 775 369470


Business Hours: Monday- Friday 0800- 1700, Saturday 0800- 1200

Text by Perry Kaande

Photos by Flamboyant Projects

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