Colenbrander Medical Centre is a member of UBC Healthcare Network Group. It is a specialist medical centre with physicians, anaesthetists, gynaecologists, a neurosurgeon and an orthopaedic surgeon. It also houses UBC Clinical Laboratories. The centre is recognised by health regulatory bodies like the Health Professionals Authority of Zimbabwe, MLCSZ and MCZ.

The facility has attractive white themed interior décor, which is crisp, clean and light. The owners have invested in world class quality as evidenced by modern, stylish chandelier lights in the reception area, all four consultation rooms, the procedure room and the passageways.

There are tasteful hardwood-crafted chairs in the reception area and the consultation rooms which add a feeling of comfort and contemporary style. The beds in the consultation rooms are also well designed, state of the art and comfortable and the beds in the consultation rooms are elegantly styled for optimum comfort and executive appeal. The chairs are a comforting feature of the reception and the consultation rooms. There are also restrooms and ablutions for staff, patients and visitors which are pristine, modern and hygienic with water saving sensor taps.

The laboratory has been separated and is at the back of the spacious yard.
The building has alternative sources of power in the form of solar and generator systems available and on standby in case of load-shedding. Designed as a disability-friendly facility, there is a well-positioned and user-friendly ramp for wheelchairs. A spacious yard provides ample parking in the front and back and on the right hand for visitors and staff. Part of the front yard features stone work leading to the reception area. The entrance of the building has been finished in aluminium steel window framing, enhancing the overall image for the building.

The key architectural features of the building include natural stone cladding, a dry water-wise garden, eco lighting, a fish pond, earthy colour tones and an energy saving air conditioning system. There is also branded signage at the gate entrance. The roof is dove grey Chromadek. The motivation behind the comfortable consultation rooms is based on the need to, in the words of Emmanuel Mundondo, MD, UBC Health Network Group, “design for the patient”. The need to make the clinics environmentally friendly, engaging and welcoming inspired the executive look and feel of the medical centre’s interiors, in particular the reception area, consultation rooms, passageways and even the procedure room. State-of-the-art medical laboratory equipment help to keep up with first world trends.

Before the renovations and extensions, the venue was a residential property set on 2,500 square meters. Sunderdale Properties were the architects for the project which took four months to complete. They also served as the main contractor, the engineers, project managers and quantity surveyors.

The suppliers for the project were Nations Hardware (solar), Electra Air (air conditioning), Status Aluminium (aluminium fitting), World Class Fitters (consulting room desks), Ruwa Furniture (chairs and hospital beds), Prime World (Lighting), Union Hardware (Giberit toilet seats and plumbing), Driptech (borehole pumps and booster pumps), Avante Borehole Drilling (borehole drilling), Zara Landscapes (fish pond design and dry garden landscaping) and Halsteds (compact smart solar geyser systems).

UBC Healthcare Network has a footprint in southern Africa with medical centres in Zim (Chinamano, Baines Avenue and Gweru) and outside the country in Botswana.

Colenbrander Medical Centre
19 Colenbrander Avenue
Milton Park
+263 867 719 4555, 077 438 3328
+263 867 719 9170
+263 780 253 619

Text – Martin Chemhere

Photos – Fotohaus

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