3 Tips to get your air conditioner ready for winter

We are all familiar with the preparations we need to do before the first signs of winter come along. We know that we need to visit our doctor for those flu shots because flu usually hits during the most unfavorable of weathers. But apart from this, do you know that you also need to ready your AC and heat pump for the cold winter season? Here are three tips on how to get your AC/heat pump winter-ready.

Winter-proofing your AC and heat pump has to be done not during the winter but when the weather outside is still summery. Make sure that your outside unit is clear of obstructions so any twigs, plant debris or leaves have to be removed. If unit is near a tree make sure you do the necessary trimmings. Do not cover your AC.

You may see a lot of people cover their ACs during the long winter but do know that these appliances are designed to withstand harsh weathers so there is no reason for you to cover it up. Have it maintained, cleaned and sanitised before the start of the winter season. Sure you can clean your AC by yourself but always know that if you are not a professional and if you are not skilled, you are running a very big risk of destroying your AC so it would be best that you let professional AC cleaners do the job.

Editor’s note: this article was first published in the last issue of STRUCTURE & DESIGN and was not written by Natural Air.

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