Esor Zimbabwe completes huge warehouse and retail outlet in Graniteside

Esor Zimbabwe is jointly owned by Zimbabwean investors and the South African based Esor Group. It operates in a largely autonomous way although the directors still report to Esor SA and are able to draw on their skills and experience. Esor Zimbabwe was previously known as Zimfranki Projects (wholly owned by the South African Esor Group). Esor and Franki were amalgamated in South Africa and listed on the JSE. Zimfranki stopped operating locally in around 2004 due to the economic downturn but resumed work in around 2011. However Esor later sold out the Franki section of the corporation although they kept their Zimbabwe office which is still operational today. In 2013, in compliance with indigenous legislation, Esor sold 51% of the Esor Zimbabwe business to English Breeze Investments, a 100% indigenous company. The Esor group is widely known throughout the SADC region as leaders in the field of specialist geotechnical services, as well as in the construction of roads and earthworks, civil engineering and pipeline construction. From their background in sub-surface foundation work Esor Zimbabwe has recently expanded into to include above surface engineering and construction work.

The Esor group has achieved the highest possible ratings in construction from the CIFOZ as well as SABS 9001, and OSHAS 18001 and ISO 14001 Health and Safety Occupational Certification, empowering Esor to tender for construction projects of unlimited size and value throughout the region and to draw on a vast and diversified set of skills. Recent projects in Zimbabwe include the foundation work for the Eastgate SME market and the Lupane State University as well as a number of joint ventures with, R. Davis & Co, and water and sewerage reticulation for ZINWA including the construction of reservoirs, pipelines and pumping stations. Other projects include piling for private houses (notably an impressive project in Borrowdale Brooke), warehouses and commercial ventures. One of their latest projects to be completed is the impressive Metro Peech & Brown and Meat Market warehouse and retail outlet along the Seke Road on the corner of Boshoff Drive. The huge new construction is very imposing and impossible to miss. Its 180m x 40m and stands at height of 12m at the peak of the roof, with ample paved parking space on both the Seke Road side and the Boschoff Drive side. Currently construction is complete (bar the usual few snags and finishing touches) and the tenants are busy fitting out and stocking the interior in time for their imminent official opening. With no other commercial retail venture of a similar type and scale in the area it promises to alter the shopping opportunities for locals as well as for the workers and residents in the whole southern region including Sunningdale, Parktown, Mbare and the surrounding suburbs. In fact, it promises to draw both wholesale retailers and household shoppers from across Harare looking for an enormous range of products at very competitive prices. The project was designed in conjunction with Engineer Valentine Zvomuya from UIP (Urban Infrastructure Projects Africa), initially built on spec by a local property developer but later with some input requirements from the prospective tenants. Work began on site towards the end of 2018 and was mostly completed by mid-2020, despite delays caused by the Corona pandemic.


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