ABSOLUTE COATINGS started out in 2003, at the time called Absolute Paints. As a top distributor of Astra and Dulux brands Absolute Paints enjoyed many years of experience in the local paint business. Propelled by his vision, his training in the United Kingdom, manufacturing experience in some of the country’s top manufacturing organisations and Absolute’s growing understanding of the paint industry, in September 2009, Maxwell Masengere embarked on paint manufacturing, launching the Absolute Paints superior paint brand. His vision lives on: To provide ‘value, beauty and protection’ while creating amazing spaces for people to live and experience a lifetime of memories. Absolute believes that paint is not just a wall treatment; it has the power to transform environments and stimulate a variety of feelings and moods – whether it’s a soothing and restful atmosphere for a bedroom or an energetic and inspirational workspace, Absolute has the perfect solution to make every space both functional and beautiful. Their manufacturing unit is set up at 11 Williams Way in Msasa where they have a team of chemical engineers and experts creating and refining their paint formulas to the highest international standards, as well as continuously researching and developing new products. All their formulations are tested and carefully curated regularly through their partner organization in South Africa. The raw materials for their products are sourced from the best suppliers around the globe and specially imported into Zimbabwe to create their world class products. In fact, they’re so sure of the superior quality of their product that they offer a 12-year guarantee on all their luxury paints for both interior and exterior use! Absolute is a family run business, and under their expert guidance and dedication the company has continued to grow and expand. In 2013 they formed a new division, A-Team Contractors. The A-Team division has allowed Absolute Coatings to organically evolve to a fully-fledged product and services organisation, providing the initial advice and guidance, 3D designs, recommending the best quality products, supplying skilled paint contractors as well as all the necessary equipment to complete the job to highest standards.

Of course, you also have the option to purchase Absolute products and apply them yourself – if you’re a keen DIYer or home renovator. Absolute offer a unique Colour Consultancy service whereby they’ll pay a visit to your home or building to get a full understanding of the space and discuss your vision and your needs. If your building is not complete Absolute can work from plan drawings or from discussions with your architect or interior designer. Their design team takes into consideration the psychology of colour – how colour affects moods, emotions and functionality – as well as considering the best textures and finishes to create your dream. They can then draw up an individual colour scheme just for you. Details of your custom colour scheme will be kept in their state of the art Colour Bank , at your disposal in the future for touch ups or renovations. You can even present Absolute with a magazine photo or a fabric sample and their chemists will create the exact the colour you desire.

From the initial meetings Absolute can draw up a full Bill of Quantities which would include primers, undercoats, top coats as well as specialised coatings for timber, roofs, or just about anything that can be painted. Absolute also has an exclusive range of paintable wallpaper to create an exciting embossed textured finish in any colour range or colour combination of your choice.

They can also supply a quotation for expert well-trained (and well supervised) labour and any specialised equipment that might be needed, like scaffolding and ladders, or for bigger projects hoists, sky-jacks and cherry pickers. All the equipment needed is supplied in-house from Absolute’s extensive stock through their partners in South Africa. Because Absolute can oversee the entire project from the initial consultation to the end product, they ensure top quality finishes as well as adhering to budget and time frames. Guaranteed to save you time, money and hassles – and also guaranteed to last. Their exclusive 360 degree guarantee covers both their products and their workmanship! Absolute Coatings and A-Team have completed projects and supplied paint to hotel chains both locally and regionally, as well as industrial and manufacturing concerns, agro estates and mining conglomerates. This is in addition to the projects they have undertaken for interior designers, architects and home DIY enthusiasts. Absolute’s project for Holiday Inn in Harare, along Samora Machel Avenue, was completed in 2014. The entire exterior of the nine story building was prepped and painted in just 53 days, thanks to their use of their electronic skyjack and their state of the art spray painting equipment. As a testimony to the quality of their paint product and their workmanship, seven years later, Holiday Inn exterior still looks fresh, bright and clean. Despite the harsh weather conditions in Harare – relentless sun and heavy rain – and the effects of air pollution in a busy city centre, the paint hasn’t faded, chipped, peeled or flaked.

To contact Absolute Coatings: HEAD OFFICE 11 Williams Way, Msasa Call: +263 864 421 5400 or +263 719 446677 Email: info@absolutecoatings.co.zw Website: www.absolutecoatings.co.zw

To contact A-Team Contractors: Telephone: +263 864 421 5400 Mobile phone: +263 773 363 514 E-mail: info@ateam.co.zw Website: www.ateam.co.zw

text: Michael Nott

photos: Structure & Design

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