10 Easy steps to prepare your home for the holidays

HOME is where we gather to celebrate, eat, and play, it is the ‘hub’ of the holiday season…… there is a never ending list of things to do to get ready for family, guests plus all the celebrating and this can be overwhelming.

Here are our 10 EASY steps to help you prepare your home for Christmas whilst taking off the strain on youand on your pocket.

  1. PLAN AHEAD AND DELEGATE-Make your plans for the holiday and make gift lists and note dates you will be entertaining so you can schedule your activities accordingly. There’s lots of stuff that your kids can do around the house to help, so put them to work they will enjoy it.
  2. DECLUTTER– Be sure to clear away from your main living areas and store in properly labeled boxes things that you won’t use over the holiday, this will save you lots of time and help to keep track of your things especially with guests around.
  3. THOROUGH CLEAN– Give your home a good, thorough spring clean and be sure to deep clean high traffic areas.
  4. SCHEDULE REPAIRS– If you have been putting off big repair jobs, schedule them in now before the craziness begins. Remember artisans go on holiday too, so its better to get the work done now by your usual, trusted contractor.
  5. LANDSCAPE– give the garden a once over, mow the lawn, trim the hedges, pull up weeds and if your wallet allows it, even better, plant some nice flowers or shrubs.
  1. RESTOCK EARLY– Make an inventory to be sure you have everything you need. Check basic items like crockery and

glasses for cracks and breakages, tablecloths and dishtowels should be cleaned and ironed. Plan your meals and

stock the pantry by shopping early and buying in bulk, this will prevent you from budget-busting last-minute buying. Take

advantage of online shopping and delivery services to save time.


– Plan your holiday décor around Christmas pieces you already have for hassle-free decorating:

  • Living room – the traditional Christmas tree, a few holiday- themed cushions or a lighted garland will add that festive touch!
  • Kitchen & Dining area – a holiday centerpiece, holiday placemats and dishtowels are a great way to bring these areas to life.
  • Hallway – a nice Christmas wreath, some colourful flowers, holiday figurines
  • Other areas including bedrooms and bathrooms can simply be decorated with inexpensive festive scented candles and holiday-themed pictures or artwork
  • Transform your outdoor area by placing a wreath on the front and some outdoor Christmas lights in a nearby tree.
  1. MAKE FREEZER MEALSto ease the stress of making dinner on busy holiday weeknights, you need to enjoy the holidays too! Freezer meals will also minimise wastage and cut down on time spent cleaning up.
  2. PREPARE FOR GUESTS– Create a warm and inviting space for your guests by adding a cozy throw blanket or pillow to

your everyday linen. (Many of us use spare bedrooms as offices or storage areas so be sure to pack paperwork and

other items carefully, making enough room for your guests.)

  1. FINALLY – Add that festive scent to your home with some DIY potpourri – simmer some cranberries, orange slices, cinnamon sticks, vanilla, and a few clippings from your Christmas tree on low heat for a continuous holidays’ scent.

That’s it, you are ready for Christmas! Here’s to a wonderfully cozy home for all of us!



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